A guide to scholarships, fellowships, and other financial assistance from third-party organizations.

Numerous philanthropic foundations, scholarship organizations, and government institutions offer scholarship and other support for students pursuing public policy degrees. Funding sources generally fall into three categories: domestic sources available only to US domestic students, international sources available only to international students, and universal sources available to both US domestic and international students.

Third-Party Funding Guide

Our Third-Party Funding Guide is intended to be a resource for current and prospective students at Harris Public Policy who are seeking scholarships, fellowships, and other sources of financial assistance from outside organizations.

Please note, this is not an exhaustive resource of all the available third party funding options. As we identify others, we will add to this list.

More Information

For additional information on funding your Harris education, don’t hesitate to contact the Admissions team directly.

You can also find a comprehensive fellowship database on UChicago Grad that allows you to easily filter your search based on eligibility, degree level, academic interests, and more.