It isn’t too early to apply to the Data and Policy Summer Scholar (DPSS) Program! Here we outline the benefits of applying well in advance.   

Input on Policy Topics 

Applying early gives you the opportunity to provide input on the topics of the capstone research projects and speaker series. The Faculty Director of DPSS, Austin Wright, is in conversation with faculty about research projects. The Associate Program Director, Andie Ingram Eccles, is connecting with practitioners and alumni for our speaker series, networking sessions and mentorship program. By applying early, you can communicate your policy areas of interest for consideration. 

Financial Planning

Early confirmation of your admission and summer schedule maximizes time and opportunities for financial planning. You have time to find and apply for financial support or sponsorship from your current academic institution (through the career center or academic department) or employer (through professional development or continuing education). The earlier you apply to DPSS, the earlier you can have an admission letter to apply for third-party scholarships that require proof of admission. Additionally, DPSS Program Director Shilin Liu is willing to provide a letter on behalf of admitted students to supplement their application to external scholarships.

Plan Ahead 

Knowing your summer schedule months in advance has multiple benefits: You have something concrete to look forward to. You reduce the worry of last-minute planning.  You can think through other internship/volunteer opportunities, vacation plans, or visit to the city of Chicago for Chicago Weekend. And you can plan how you will maximize your time as a member of the UChicago Community—there are many excellent opportunities to connect even in this virtual world!

Get Connected 

Community is a key piece of the DPSS experience. Admitted students are invited to begin connecting with one another before the program begins via Slack and Zoom. We will help you to leverage the global network of the DPSS cohort in breakout groups.

Claim your benefits today by applying now.  

More information about summer program application requirements and deadlines can be found here.