Black History Month

NCAA event
Panelists discussed student athlete compensation but also dug in on how the events and conflicts may reflect broader social issues.
Otis Moss
“We decolonize our imagination when we recognize that resistance has always been in us, even in the music that we play,” he said. 
lechae mottley
To me, Black Radical Imagination is a portal to a future that hasn’t existed collectively but has likely existed in the minds of our ancestors for centuries.
Uchenna Offorjebe
For my Black Radical Imagination, I escape to a place where I see the poems, prayers, and promises of Black people before me who envisioned a radically different future.
Sydney Williams
In my world, we stand on a land where our humanity is valued without the need for validation. We do not go far for validation unless we need it for parking.
johns headshot
I believe that we must defy the ills of our reality by imagining a society free of what has oppressed our beings. Our defiance of reality will be rewarded with a society where love is abundant, and everybody can be what they want to be.