Summer of Social Impact

Cosette Nazon-Wilburn
Nazon-Wilburn applied to the Civic Leadership Academy in the hopes that it would improve her leadership skills and provide her with an opportunity to share the mission of her non-profit through networking.
Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot
The Civic Leadership Academy helps mid-level nonprofit and government professionals develop skills and network to know what part they should play to most help their communities.
Mike Rodriguez profile
Mike Rodriguez grew up with social activism in his blood who advocates for his community, the Little Village neighborhood on Chicago's southwest side.
Adrian Esquivel
After completing the Civic Leadership Academy the meaning of leadership changed for Esquivel; it became a title he was much more comfortable having.
Michelle Garcia
At the time VAWA was enacted, Michelle Garcia MPP ’05 was already participating in the arena of gender-based violence work across local, state and national levels, predominately in the field of sexual violence at rape crisis centers.
Darius and Will
When Darius Ballinger went looking for ways to advance his professional life, he did not have to look far from home to take advantage of the opportunities at the University of Chicago’s Civic Leadership Academy.