We are so glad you’re thinking of attending a campus visit at Harris Public Policy! This is a great first step in getting to know Harris culture, seeing what classes are like, and learning what the application process entails. Here are some helpful tips to make the most of your time here.

Ask questions!

You don’t have to have super in-depth queries, but figure out what sorts of questions you want answered before you arrive on campus. We do our best to cover everything you’ll need to know to be successful, but it’s ultimately up to you to decide what information is most important. Ask us about career outcomes, on-campus work opportunities, and elective courses. Ask us what we look for in a motivation statement. These questions (and hopefully our answers!) are some of the ones that will set you up for success as an applicant and as a student if you’re admitted.

Make time to explore!

Hyde Park is a historic and vibrant neighborhood and Chicago is a fantastic city. Apart from walking around the beautiful Quad (which is a must), make sure to have lunch and check out a bookstore or two. You can find some great suggestions here! I’d encourage you to check out this blog post on Hyde Park as well! It’s truly a fun neighborhood, and one that you’ll spend a lot of time in as a Harris student. Happy exploring!

Be open and curious.

The class that you’re sitting in on will likely either be a core MPP class or a Harris elective course. Don’t be afraid to participate and engage with class material. Remember – the students sitting next to you were once in your shoes trying to figure out choice of program, school, etc. When you have coffee with a current student, use this time to ask questions about why they chose Harris and what they are learning. Current students can provide really good insight into Harris in many ways!

Again, thanks so much for considering a visit. We look forward to meeting you and answering your questions. We hope you have a helpful and rewarding experience!