At Harris, we are looking forward to a lively and informative Diversity Day, where our community will have the opportunity to learn about diversity and inclusion efforts and connect with Harris alumni, students, and speakers. We asked some Harris community members who attended last year’s Diversity Day what they were hoping to come away with from this year’s event.

Sabrina de la Vega, MPP Class of 2021

“I am looking forward to seeing the friendships that will be made this Diversity Day! At last year’s Diversity Day I met people I still talk to regularly: we formed a community that I wanted to come back to.”

Marvin Slaughter, MPP Class of 2020

“I am looking forward to continuing to cultivating a community of future policy leaders that come from diverse backgrounds, offer diverse perspectives, and ultimately are seeking to contribute positively to the Harris community and society. Diversity Day gave me the opportunity to network with potential peers from marginalized communities, learn about the many opportunities to utilize tools of a Harris education to spur positive change, and learn about the culture of the Harris family.”

Michelle Hoereth, Director of Diversity & Inclusion 

“What I’m looking for the most is having the opportunity to talk about our diversity and inclusion efforts here at Harris. I am proud of the efforts we are making to ensure we are providing inclusive spaces where students can challenge popular discourse, share their own stories, and start to shape their own idea of what it means to be a conscientious policymaker. I’m also excited to have the chance to answer any questions prospective students might have about life here at Harris.”

Sparkle Dalphinis, Associate Director of Student Recruitment

“I can’t wait to meet future policy makers during Diversity Day.  It will be a pleasure to learn why they are interested in policy and hear firsthand the impact they are hoping to make in their future careers.  I am honored to be a part of their journey.”

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