Kusala Molligoda, MPP Class of 2022, serves as an Orientation Program Manager. In this post, he shares his tips on ways Harris students can make the most of the services offered by Academic Advising.

All Harris students are assigned academic advisors prior to the commencement of Autumn quarter. The advisors serve as the first point of contact when it comes to administrative issues, such as helping students register for classes and tracking  degree progress.

However, advisors do more than just help with academic planning—they also have a principal role in assisting students with any personal difficulties they experience throughout their time at Harris. They can also serve as a liaison between students and faculty to ensure accommodations are met—whether it's for requesting extensions on homework deadlines or re-grading certain assignments.

Overall, academic advisors make our lives as students much easier—be sure to make the most of the services they provide.

Students are encouraged to check in with their advisors once a quarter to see how their degree is progressing.

Finally, building a relationship with your advisor both expands your network of connections and provides an additional source of advice for matters outside your degree. Don’t be afraid to reach out—they are always happy to help. If they cannot provide you with the answers you are looking for, they can direct you to other relevant resources throughout the Harris community.

 For more information on the role of academic advisors, read A Note From Kate Biddle, Dean of Students: Introducing Your Academic Advisor.