Students frequently have questions related to transcripts—details on which ones we need and how to submit them, and what we are looking at when we review them. Review this helpful guide as you are completing your application by the Early Action deadline on October 5, 11:59 p.m. (Central Daylight Time)!  

Transcript Requirements

For the review process we require transcripts from all institutions including non-degree and short-term exchanges, and we accept both official and unofficial for the review process. For admitted students we require official transcripts only from institutions where you obtained a degree. Nonetheless, we recommend you submit official transcripts from all institutions attended. If you transferred between institutions we will require transcripts from each institution, not only the degree-granting institution. During the application process we can accept unofficial transcripts, but we do require official transcripts before you can enroll in your courses.

What is considered an official transcript? 

Official transcripts are sent directly from your degree-awarded institution to Harris. Student-provided transcripts are not official.  

You must upload electronic copies of transcripts/marksheets with grading scales for each year of postsecondary (college or university) education as well as copies of degrees awarded. If detailed transcripts are not available, the certificates must be accompanied by official statements showing the class or quality of the degrees or diplomas, and marks received on degree examinations as compared with the maximum marks obtainable.

For International Students

We can accept official transcripts in other languages. An official English translation must be submitted for all foreign language transcripts. Official translations must be submitted by the university or an official translator organization or notary. Student provided translations are not considered official.

We do not accept third party evaluations such as WES or ECE instead of your transcripts, but we can accept them as an additional credential if you feel they will assist in the review of your application.

During the application process you can submit an unofficial copy of your transcripts, but the translation must be official.

Academic Diversity

In reviewing your application, we will carefully evaluate your quantitative experience, but this does not mean we look for particular courses or a set list of undergraduate majors. For those who do have highly quantitative backgrounds, we offer an advanced track of our Core curriculum. Often liberal arts students may believe they do not have the academic background for a policy program, but at Harris we understand that some of our most passionate and enthusiastic students pursued competitive liberal arts programs—and completed those programs with the strong critical thinking and writing skills required of Harris students. Reviewing each aspect of your transcript —courses, GPA, and grades—helps to give us a better understanding of your academic qualifications and your overall strength as a student.

How do I submit my official transcript? 

If your previous institutions allow you to submit electronic official transcripts, you may request those be sent to Harris at

Alternatively, you may request that your transcript be sent by USPS first-class mail or express shipping. Transcripts should be sent to: Harris Public Policy, ATTN: Admissions, 1307 East 60th Street, Chicago, IL 60637


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