The Dean of Students Office (DOS) looks forward to getting to know you better this fall! In this guest blog, Dean of Students Kate Shannon Biddle, explains the role of an essential point of contact at Harris: your academic advisor.  

At Harris, we strive to ensure every student has access to any and all support they need to succeed, academically and holistically. One of your most important support resources at Harris is your academic advisor.

Each student is assigned an academic advisor who serves as their go-to person throughout their Harris experience. In addition to helping you select classes inside and outside of Harris and tracking your progress toward your degree, academic advisors also support you for both academic and personal concerns.

For example, our academic advisors serve as a first point of contact for nearly any question you might have. We can help resolve most day-to-day issues, such as course registration questions, issues with your tuition bill, or referrals to other services and offices on campus.

You will receive an email in early August introducing you to your academic advisor and inviting you to schedule an intake meeting. It’s important to note that over the summer, all incoming students will be scheduling intake appointments, so it is possible that it could be a few weeks from when you schedule your appointment to when you meet with your advisor. Please don’t be discouraged; most of the year, you will be able to book an appointment with your advisor fairly quickly. And we know that you might have urgent questions that can't wait until your intake appointment, so you can always feel free to email your advisor.

We strongly encourage you to connect with your advisor regularly throughout your time at Harris, and I look forward to what you will bring to the Harris community this fall!

For more details on academic support available to you, check out this page.