In our application, we ask students “Why Harris?” As many admitted students are weighing their grad school decisions, we asked our Harris Ambassadors what made them choose The Harris School of Public Policy for their academic home.

Harris ambassadors 2023 on the steps of The Keller Center

What gave you the confidence to choose Harris?

Itzel Rangel Romero
Itzel Rangel Romero, MPP Class of 2024

The opportunity to engage in hands-on policy work, collaborate with leading organizations, and participate in impactful research projects demonstrated that Harris offers a rounded learning experience that goes beyond the classroom. The prospect of gaining practical skills and making a tangible difference in addressing pressing global challenges confirmed for me that Harris was the best choice for me.

—Itzel Rangel Romero, MPP Class of 2024

Margaret Onsager
Margaret Onsager, MPP Class of 2025

While I was inspired to apply to Harris by the undergrad professors who believed in me, the confidence to choose Harris came from its reassurance of boundless possibility, both during and after my time here. During Admitted Student Week, and through my own research, I continually found activities like the Pearson Global Forum, communities like Women in Public Policy, and the opportunity to explore numerous specialization programs that showed me I could be successful regardless of what path I chose at Harris.

—Margaret Onsager, MPP Class of 2025

Ayush Yadav
Ayush Yadav, MPP Class of 2024


The opportunity to refine my policy design and communication skills through negotiation classes and writing for the Chicago Policy Review resonated with my desire to contribute to the field of policy through research and effective communication.

—Ayush Yadav, MPP Class of 2024

Natalia Zorilla Ramos
Natalia Zorilla Ramos, MPP Class of 2025


The Harris School will enhance my quantitative skills and abilities in data analysis, negotiation, problem-solving, and leadership.

—Natalia Zorrilla Ramos, MPP Class of 2025

What was the tiebreaker when choosing between Harris and other schools?

Dodi Duha
Dodi Duha, MPP Class of 2025


The warm and welcoming staff and community at Harris. I believe that this supportive environment will greatly contribute to shaping an enjoyable experience while studying here.

—Dodi Duha, MPP Class of 2025

Hallie Lovin
Hallie Lovin, MPP Class of 2025


Listening to a student talk about the support that Harris offers to prepare students for the intensive quantitative nature of the program through Jumpstart and Math and Coding Camp eased my anxiety about the required statistics and economics courses. UChicago made me feel like I was someone they truly believed could do great things—not just a number.

—Hallie Lovin, MPP Class of 2025

Xiomara Salazar Flores
Xiomara Salazar Flores, MSCAPP Class of 2024


I ultimately chose Harris because I believe the MS in Computational Analysis and Public Policy (MSCAPP) program will provide me with greater opportunities for long-term career growth and a higher income trajectory.

—Xiomara Salazar Flores, MSCAPP Class of 2024

Beibei Sun
Beibei Sun, Class of MPP 2024


The opportunity to connect with Harris's extensive alumni network, spanning across NGOs and Fortune 500 companies, provides an unparalleled platform for potential internships and real-life experiences. I had several conversations with Harris alumni before I made my decision, and their depiction of life on campus and the rigorous academic environment at Harris confirmed that the MPP program was the ideal fit for me.

—Beibei Sun, Class of MPP 2024