From our researchers to the dance program, we rounded up some recent news articles about UChicago’s response to COVID-19.  

Economists say cellphone data may be key to reopening economy

WBEZ 91.5 FM Chicago - May 7, 2020

Listen to the audio: Dean Katherine Baicker discusses the risks posed by different businesses as states begin to reopen

Is it Safer to Visit a Coffee Shop or a Gym?

New York Times – May 6, 2020

Read the article: Dean Katherine Baicker and Professor Oeindrila Dube look at ways of minimizing public health risks and economic hardship, using data to find out which businesses can safely reopen

A top economic health researcher says the coronavirus reveals the biggest weaknesses of our healthcare system

Business Insider - April 28, 2020

Watch the video: Dean Katherine Baicker explains why our public health infrastructure wasn’t ready to combat the coronavirus

Economy or lives? It’s not that simple: 7 ways to talk politics in the COVID-19 era

Chicago Tribune - April 28, 2020

Read the article: Professor William G. Howell discusses the debate about when to reopen the economy

How Chicago is uniting for the greater good

Forbes - April 28, 2020

Read the article: A list of the ways in which Chicago is uniting to face COVID-19, noting UChicago’s support of small businesses and residents on the South Side

Chicago theaters, dance troupes offering ‘virtual’ programming amid pandemic

Chicago Sun-Times - April 27, 2020

Read the article:  A list of virtual entertainment available in Chicago, including  UChicago’s dance program partnering with Lucky Plush Productions to offer virtual classes