Summer is just around the corner, and we are excited to welcome the inaugural cohort of Policy Research & Innovation Bootcamp (PRIB) scholars to campus. Learn more about this two-week, in-person program and some compelling reasons to apply today.

Unlike other Harris Credential Programs, PRIB’s unique in-person format allows participants to meaningfully engage and network with leading policy scholars and practitioners both on campus and throughout the city of Chicago. Below, we give you a sneak peak of PRIB’s summer 2024 offerings:

Engaging with UChicago Research Centers and Institutes

Becker Friedman Institute Logo
Becker Friedman Institute

The Becker Freidman Institute (BFI) serves as a hub for cutting-edge analysis and research across the entire UChicago economics community, fostering innovative solutions to the world's most difficult economic problems. We will be joined by BFI’s Executive Director, Benjamin Krause, who will share insights on BFI’s research, and expand on how he and his colleagues convert research findings into global impact.

data for the common good
Data for the Common Good

Data for the Common Good (D4CG) brings together experts from around the world in the sharing of high-quality data to drive discovery and improve human health. Ellen Cohen, D4CG’s Executive Director, will share her experience in launching several cross-institutional, international, and public-private initiatives in the fields of healthcare, energy, technology, and education policy. As former Dean of Students at the Harris School of Public Policy, Ellen will also share insights on how Harris programs like PRIB can prepare scholars for a social impact driven career.

Embarking on Chicago-Wide Career Treks

By networking and engaging with industry leaders and practitioners, participants in the PRIB program will take their hands-on classroom learning and discover how these lessons can be applied in real-world settings. Summer 2024 industry partners include:


federal reserve bank of chicago
Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago (Chicago Fed), an organization which contributes to the creation of national monetary policy, supervises and regulates banking organizations, and provides financial services to banks and similar institutions, as well as to the U.S. government; and


Mission Measurement
Mission Measurement

Mission Measurement, which uses data standardization to help funders like governments, foundations, and corporations improve and maximize the impact of their investments in wide-ranging social programs.

This is just a small taste of what’s to come! It’s not too late to submit your application for a chance to thoughtfully engage with renowned UChicago researchers and industry professionals, whose insights and guidance can help shape your next career move. Contact with any questions, we look forward to working with you!