We asked our Graduate Assistants and Harris Ambassadors about the highlights of their Admitted Student Day last year and what students should look forward to about Virtual Admitted Student Week April 5–9.

Sabrina de la Vega, MPP Class of 2021

My favorite part about my Admitted Student Day was meeting people and getting a sense that I would make a lot of new friends. Seeing how the second years interacted together and having meaningful conversations with people assured me that in addition to a great education at Harris, I would also get a great community!

This year, I hope students look forward to attending as many sessions as possible and hearing from their future classmates. At my Admitted Student Day I wanted to attend all the sessions, but it was just not possible to be in two places at once, so that is definitely a silver lining of the virtual format.

 Omair Gill, MPP Class of 2021

I remember feeling very inspired and proud to be in a room with so many bright people at my Admitted Student Day.

To this year’s admits: there will be tons of information thrown at you, but take it all in and get to know the people in the room with you. This is a great opportunity to meet your future classmates.

Isabelle Hirschy, MPP Class of 2022

My favorite part of my Admitted Student Day was getting to meet some of my future classmates. It's so exciting to make connections from all over the world!

This year, students should look forward to connecting with some Harris Student Organizations. I was introduced to the Urban Policy Student Association at my Admitted Student Day, and now it has helped me find volunteer opportunities in Chicago.

Bradley McCandless, MPP Class of 2022

My favorite part of Admitted Student Day was engaging with future classmates, professors, and Harris staff. I connected with some Harris Admissions folks that I had met throughout the application process, befriended classmates who are now some of my go-to problem set collaborators, and chatted with professors who inspired me to come to Harris to pursue a socially impactful career.

Students should look forward to engaging with future friends and mentors around a shared vision of how to make the world a better place: a mission statement that is sorely needed in our society today.

June Yom, MPP Class of 2022

My favorite part about my Admitted Student Day was learning all the unique ways to get involved with policy outside of the traditional classroom environment, such as the opportunity to join Harris Student Organizations or volunteer within the city of Chicago.

This year, students can look forward to connecting with current students that have created community at Harris and in Chicago.