Harris students recently attended the UChicago Gargoyle Gala, the biggest social event for graduate students across divisions at UChicago. This year, the gala was held at the world-renowned Field Museum.

Jordan Enos in front of the field museum
On the steps of the field museum

Jordan Enos, MPP Class of 2024: When I decided to attend the Harris School of Public Policy, I did not anticipate dancing under Máximo the Titanosaur at the Field Museum as part of my graduate school experience. The gala happens every fall quarter and is an opportunity to dress up and celebrate our collective accomplishments as University of Chicago graduate students. Dancing, drinking, and eating with hundreds of peers has been one of the most interesting opportunities to enjoy the UChicago community outside of the classroom. 

Max Wagner and friends
Hanging out with SUE the T-Rex

Max Wagner, MPP Class of 2024: For me, the best part of the gala was getting to meet graduate students outside of Harris. When I spend so much time surrounded by other Harris students, it’s easy to forget just how big and diverse the UChicago graduate student population is. The gala is also a great reminder of the opportunities that exist at UChicago beyond Harris. There are so many interesting classes to take and people to meet outside the Keller Center. It’s a special thing when students from a variety of academic disciplines and backgrounds can come together in celebration—especially when SUE the T-Rex is involved.