Hi everyone! My name is Estela and I work for the Admissions office at Harris. My husband Eduardo is a current second-year MPP student. I am going to share some of our journey with you! It has been an amazing and unforgettable experience – I can’t believe two years is almost over!

Eduardo and I moved to Chicago from Mexico City. I will never forget the feeling of arriving to a new country with nothing more than our suitcases: To get to my new, empty apartment (which we only knew by the website) and getting an inflatable mattress and sheets for the first night. Next day: Ikea adventure trip! After hours of looking for our new furniture and assembling everything, we celebrated with delicious and famous deep dish pizza.

Estela Garcia Rosello
Estela and her husband Eduardo, a Harris student, moved to Chicago from Mexico City.

We live downtown in the city. I love going out for a walk to Millennium Park, shopping on Michigan Avenue, and contemplating the spectacular view of the river while experiencing the city’s multicultural ambience. During the summer, there is nothing better than biking on the lake shore or the free concerts at Pritzker Pavillion. Chicago is just breathtaking and it has so many things going on all the time that you feel guilty for staying at home. You have museums, the aquarium, baseball games, hockey matches, basketball, famous theaters, great shopping, and of course The Bean, which no matter how many times I've seen it I can’t avoid taking a selfie with it! 

But the best part of all is the great atmosphere and community that is Harris. The first time I met everyone was when Harris took all the new students to see a baseball game. That was when I met my new best friends- all the other partners who are in the same situation as me and who became my family. 

I have been able to do things I have never been able to do before. I enrolled in great classes and pursued a certifiate at The School Of The Art Institute. One time, I even played with the Harris basketball team. 

I also had the opportunity of traveling to Israel with several public policy students. I learned a lot about the conflict and it was interesting to listen to the opinion of the future Harris policy makers. I discovered an amazing city, ate delicious food, and best of all, everything with great friends and lots of fun.

The more I write, the more nostalgia I get for thinking this experience is about to end. I will go back to my country happier than ever, with many friends from all over the world, a Public Policy maker husband that will make a change in the world and with a print of Harris and Chicago in my heart! Thanks to all who have been part of this adventure.