Thanks to our Team Harris ambassador, Sally Park (MPP'18), for this post! Stay tuned on our website for Winter Quarter campus visits to sit in on classes like the ones below! 

Hi everyone! As our autumn quarter wraps up, I’d like to talk about the courses I took! 

Financial Accounting (at Booth School of Business) 

As a second year, this quarter I took advantage of the fact that we can take up to 6 courses outside of Harris. Financial Accounting is one of the pre-requisites for other Booth courses such as Investments and Financial Statement Analysis. It gives you the opportunity to learn how to read balance sheets and income statements, and understand how bonds and stocks work. It is definitely challenging if you haven’t done accounting before, and requires a lot of work, but I felt the class very helpful and essential to grasp the basics of finance. 

International Commercial Policy (at Booth School of Business) 

As I am very much interested in trade and development, I really liked this class. This was taught by a visiting professor from Dartmouth, Douglas Irwin. Each class consisted of economic theories under trade policy and current trade-related issues. It was a good combination of theory and real examples. He also writes often about trade issues in the Economist and Wall Street Journal, so it was very interesting to talk to the professor who is really an expert in trade. Why does President Trump argue that we should withdraw from NAFTA? Do immigrants really “steal” our jobs from American workers? Should we worry about trade deficits against China? All those questions could be answered throughout the class. 

Competition Policy (at Harris) 

This course is taught by Sean Durkin, who is the Vice President of Charles Rivers Associates, a global consulting firm. I found it interesting as he not only teaches you the economic analysis of monopoly power but shows you the real antitrust cases in the U.S. The class also provides you with the overview of legal framework of competition policy in the U.S. and other parts of the world. I heard the class material overlaps with the Strategic Behavior and Regulation of Firms, which is another Harris course, but this class could be more interesting depending on the student’s preference as it is taught by the practitioner.