Thanks to our Team Harris Student Ambassador, Sally Park (MPP'18), for this post! 

Hi everyone! Are you looking for teaching assistant positions at Harris School of Public Policy?

I am currently a teaching assistant for Statistics for Data Analysis I class for the professor Dan Black, and wanted to share my TA experiences.

How did I get TA position?

I took Professor Dan Black’s advanced economics class in my first year, which I really enjoyed and ended up getting good scores. He already knew me throughout last year, so he asked for my CV and offered me a TA position for the statistics class before the quarter started.

I also did a TA for the undergrad public policy analysis course for Professor Jim Leitzel last winter. The email was sent to the Harris students for those who are interested in TA. I applied with my CV and brief statement of interests, had a Skype interview, and got it!

What is being a TA like?

As a TA, you hold office hours and TA sessions every other week (The frequency depends on the class). You’ll also attend the course with the students to be familiar with each week’s lecture material.

Usually for big classes like statistics, you have multiple TAs. So they divide up their work and grade assignments and midterms/finals.

Do you like your TA job?

Absolutely! Although it takes much time especially for grading, teaching definitely helps me review the concepts and improve my knowledge - I feel much more confident in statistics than before. I enjoy helping others with something that I am already familiar with.