Short-term programs at the University of Chicago, like the Harris Credential Programs, are an investment in your academic and professional career. The programs provide skills you can apply immediately, a global network of peers, and strengthen your resume for your next opportunity.

Following are some tips to help you understand the financial planning needed for this investment in your future.

Early Deadlines, Early Discounts

Credential program deadlines are more frequent and occur closer to the program start date than graduate degree programs. Nonetheless, there are benefits to applying early. For example, most Credential Programs offer an Early Bird Discount, lowering your total program fee.

Look not only for Credential application deadlines but also the deadlines of other funding options, such as third-party scholarships or employer sponsorship. You will also want to add a time buffer to account for the wait time for those approval periods.

And remember, some funding opportunities require you to have an acceptance letter when you apply. We recommend submitting your UChicago Harris application as early as possible to increase your external funding opportunities. 

Explore All Your Options

Students use a combination of different funding sources in their investment.

  • UChicago Discount/Scholarship: Discounts are available for early application submission to most credential programs. Merit-based scholarships are available for top applicants of the Data and Policy Summer Scholar Program.
  • Employer or University Sponsorship: Check with your employer for potential professional development or education sponsorships. Or, check with your current academic institution for experiential learning or summer internship sponsorships.
  • Third-party funding: There are external, third-party scholarships available based on career goals, policy areas, citizenship, affiliations, and more. To start your search consider reviewing our Opportunity Guide for Credential Programs and  Opportunity Guide for Prospective Degree Students. Please note, this is not an exhaustive resource of all the available third party funding options, and the details subject to change. Please click through to the specific opportunity for up to date information.
  • Loans: Students with an existing loan for their degree program may be able to utilize those funds for a credential program.

Understand Your Investment

A credential program from UChicago Harris can be the next step to further or pivot your career. There are three invaluable factors to consider when applying:

  • Tangible skills: In less than two months you will build a robust toolkit in a specialized area such as data analytics, finance policy, or persuasive writing, among others. And you will be able to apply those skills immediately in your academic or professional environment
  • Global network: UChicago classrooms, both virtual and in-person, are incredibly diverse learning spaces. Students from all around the world participate, sharing their knowledge from different academic disciplines and professional backgrounds.
  • Preparation for what’s next: Students who complete credential programs have gone on to study at top graduate institutions, including UChicago graduate programs, and secured professional roles in private, public, and non-profit sectors.

Read through Benefits of Credential Programs and Benefits for Graduate Study or attend an upcoming event with students who completed Credential Programs to hear them speak to the investment.

Invest in yourself and complete your Credential Program Application today.