We wanted to share some answers to frequently asked questions about how  Credential Programs prepare you for your academic and professional career, including examples from the seven-week Data and Policy Summer Scholar (DPSS) Program. 

What is a Credential Program?

  • Credential Programs are short-term, non-degree programs ranging from one-eight weeks in length. Our programs are mostly virtual and all are part-time.
  • Credential Programs differ from other online courses or certificate programs by the level of engagement with faculty, peers, and applied learning opportunities. We have 1000+ Credential alumni around the world.

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How would you summarize the key benefits of Credential Programs?

Credential Programs give you the opportunity to:

  • Explore the field of public policy and see if it is an area you would like to pursue
  • Strengthen your resume for career advancement or graduate school application
  • Connect with a global cohort of peers and the UChicago community

How do Credential Programs help me to explore the field of public policy?

  • Credential Programs allow you to sample a skill set or topic area in policy.
  • DPSS, as the most holistic program, offers tangible tools, applied experience and exposure to diverse paths policy can take you.

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How can I leverage the Credential Program in my professional path?

  • Include Credential Programs on your resume. Don’t shy away from having a robust resume that shows the interesting and diverse things that you have done. It shows commitment and leadership to work towards your goals and interests.
  • The DPSS classroom is a diverse, international cohort. Your collaboration across academic disciplines and cultures is a great asset for your next workplace.
  • Showcase your transferable toolkit – hard and soft skills. DPSS strengths your ability to ask critical questions, analyze data, and communicate impact in any field.
  • Alumni advanced to the next step in their professional trajectory in private, public and non-profit organizations addressing topics such as immigration, environment, finance and more.

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Kevin Silverman, DPSS'19
Kevin Silverman, DPSS'19

"My current role in venture capital builds upon the coding skills I learned at Harris, while the policy foundations and debates we grappled with have proven invaluable as I immerse myself in the tech world. Professor Wright demonstrated that working for the public good is not accomplished only by government officials, but the responsibility of a diverse group of actors working together.”

—Kevin Silverman, DPSS’19 

How are community and networking facilitated in the virtual format?

  • All of our Credential Programs include synchronous, interactive office hours with the teaching team. This ensures you have full academic support and facilitates dialogue with peer across the world. 
  • Community experience is a rich element of DPSS. We are intentional to provide ample opportunities and tools to facilitate connection. 
  • DPSS offers one-three hours per week of community, co-curricular, and social activities designed for you think beyond the classroom and connect with your global peers.
Maria Eugenia Cirillo
Maria Eugenia Cirillo, DPSS'20

“DPSS was an amazing virtual experience. I was able to get to know my peers, especially the study groups and become friends with some of them. I continue chatting with most of them after the program ended."

—Maria Eugenia Araujo, DPSS'20

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