This is an exciting time for our admissions team. We are preparing to release decisions to students who submitted their completed application for the Round 1 deadline on December 1. It was a pleasure getting to know more about you, all that you have done to improve your communities, and all that you are planning to do with a graduate degree in public policy.

We asked two of our recruiters to weigh in on their reading experience, and here is what they said.

“I was thoroughly moved by the letters of recommendation. The letters were detailed on the applicant's past experiences, reasons for studying policy, and the contributions they would bring to the UChicago Harris community.”

Andie Ingram Eccles, Assistant Director, Student Recruitment and International Partnerships

“I really enjoy reading applications for our Master of Public Policy program because the stories and experiences are so inspiring. The possibilities of having a longtime government official from India, a social entrepreneur who started an NGO improving outcomes of school children, a returned volunteer from Peace Corps continuing their work overseas, and so many more emerging leaders join the next cohort is so exciting.”

Samantha N. Yi, Associate Director of Student Recruitment

We know it is not easy to ask for letters of recommendation, to submit your essays and motivational statements, and to make yourself vulnerable in telling your story. Thanks to all who applied to Harris Public Policy for the effort you put into the process—it has been amazing to read your stories! We are proud you put in all this work, and are considering Harris as your next academic home. 

Decisions will be released very soon, and we look forward to connecting further.


Your Harris Admissions Team

For those who haven’t applied yet, it’s not too late: the next deadline to apply is June 15.