Associate Director, Student Recruitment and Global Outreach

About Andie Ingram Eccles

Andie Ingram Eccles is an Associate Director at the Harris School of Public Policy, where she manages the recruitment and operations of Harris Credential Programs, our short-term, non-degree programs. She oversees the program life-cycle of marketing and recruitment strategy, enrollment and matriculation, day-to-day operations, and program evaluation. Each day is a blend of collaborating with faculty, brainstorming with staff, and connecting with students.

Since joining the Harris Student Recruitment and Global Outreach team in early 2018, Andie has advised prospective graduate students and non-degree students from around the world. She is an active volunteer in international education professional groups dedicated to welcoming international students to the state of Illinois, and cross-cultural organizations as Tianyu Arts & Culture and World Relief to bridge gaps in cultural awareness.

Before moving to Chicago, Andie worked as an administrative assistant to the Office of the Dean at Washington State University’s new medical school. Previously, she worked at her alma mater, Whitworth University, in the career center researching employer validity. Andie holds a bachelor’s degree in international communication and political science from Whitworth University (Spokane, WA). While at Whitworth she spent two semesters abroad, one each in China and France, and participated in four years of competitive speech and debate.