As our political institutions struggle to solve public challenges associated with immigration, climate change, student debt, and rising inequality, we need to reimagine policies at the structural level.

That’s why Harris recently launched the Center for Effective Government (CEG), a hub where scholars, practitioners, and students can study and promote solutions to government ineffectiveness. The CEG was founded in late 2019 with an ambitious but vital mission: to study, debate, and advance reforms that strengthen democratic institutions and improve the capacity of government to solve public problems.

Home to the Civic Leadership Academy, CEG plans to develop a robust collection of student programming and bridge the gap between research and policy through leadership development and public events aimed at bipartisan reform and rebuilding institutional infrastructure. 

Given the center’s priorities and the gravity of the work, CEG organizes its work around three core commitments.  In everything the center does, CEG strive to be:

  • Inclusive. We understand that inclusivity is fundamental to functional governance. It’s not possible to develop effective solutions in a silo.
  • Serious-minded. There is nothing more crucial to human progress than government that facilitates human flourishing. But in a complex world, this is hard work, and we take it seriously.
  • Astute. We don’t value cleverness. We believe in influence, not manipulation. Evidence, not hagiography. Our insights come from a deep understanding of politics and the political process, and rigorous evaluation of what works.

There will be several opportunities for Harris students to participate, including:

  • Leadership development: Through its leadership development initiatives and training sessions, the Center produces a pipeline of effective civic leaders and reformers.
  • Research: The Center supports original research and scholarly conferences that examine the operations of existing political institutions and what can be done to improve them.
  • Public events: The Center hosts a wide range of public events that connect scholars, political practitioners, and students.

Through these and other efforts, the Center for Effective Government’s ultimate goal is to work towards tangible improvements in government and the restoration of public trust in democracy.

Our political institutions are in desperate need of reform. Are you ready to get to work?

Email Sadia Sindhu, Executive Director, Center for Effective Government to learn more, or read more in this article:  Harris Public Policy Announces Center for Effective Government.