We sat down with our colleagues in Academic & Student Affairs to answer your questions on the algebra and calculus self-assessments. See below for the quick take!

I forgot to complete the assessment/was traveling the last few weeks/had a major project due at work/went backpacking: TLDR, I didn’t submit my assessment by June 14. Do I still have time?

Yes! Although we encourage you to take the test and submit your scores as soon as possible, just because the deadline passed doesn’t mean you can’t submit your scores!

I’ve never had calculus, so I just took the algebra exam. Do I need to take the calculus exam too?

Yes! You don’t need to study before taking the self-assessment, as it is meant to show you where you currently stand in terms of comprehension of the specific topics covered. After taking the initial assessment we recommend that you engage in some self-study on the concepts you missed on the exam. You can also re-take the exam a second time (or as many times as you’d like) to see how you’re improving.

I’m already planning to come to Math Camp: do I still need to take the assessments?

Yes! This will help you identify the concepts that will be covered. These assessments will also help you to decide whether or not to attend Math Camp. Math Camp is a three-week review course designed to ensure incoming Master's students are proficient in both algebra and calculus.

Are you using the assessment to determine something top secret? Classes we can take? Or just to secretly judge us?

Nope! We are not using the assessment for any of those purposes! There will be multiple sections for calculus so the assessment will help with placement, but students will be able to move between the different sections if they feel one is a better fit.

Anything else?

ASA strongly suggests taking  the self-assessments in one sitting, during the recommended time limit, and please self-report your math exam scores to Harris through this form. In addition to the awareness this will provide you, this information helps our staff understand your current level of mastery and better plan our academic support for summer programs and fall quarter.