At Harris Public Policy, your Career Development Office is looking forward to supporting incoming students with your career pursuits—through your candidate* experience and beyond.

After the introductory sessions, CDO 101 & 102; starting September 1 you will begin your one-on-one career coaching, a personalized approach to your unique career needs that will continue long after you graduate.

But there’s no reason to wait until September to start your career readiness!

We strongly encourage all candidates to explore our Virtual Career Development Center, which includes the platforms below:

HarrisLink: Your digital hub for internships, jobs, employer sessions, and career events for Harris

How to Get Started in HarrisLink:

  1. Claim your CNET and UChicago email. You will then receive an email from our office with information about setting up HarrisLink.
  2. Log in to your HarrisLink account.
  3. Complete your Career Search Profile (CSP). When you log in, the system will prompt you to complete your CSP. We use your information in the CSP to match you with employers seeking your skills, experience, and interest. 
  4. Upload your resume to VMock (see below). From the main menu, go to Resources, then Pathways, and start the Pathway titled “Upload resume to VMock.”
  5. Apply to jobs and internships. Once the VMock Pathway is completed, upload your resume and apply to jobs and internships.

Questions or trouble logging in? Contact Ethan Rucker.

VMOCK: A text-analytic SMART resume builder to impress employers

VMock uses text analysis and a historical body of resumes from Harris to measure how strong your resume appears to employers. It also suggests changes to improve how you describe the impact you made in previous roles on your resume.

How to get started in VMock:

  1. If you haven’t already, you’ll receive an invitation to VMock soon. Accept it and set up your account.
  2. Upload your resume and make adjustments based on recommendations. Your resume will need a score of 75 or higher on VMock to upload to HarrisLink.

Questions or trouble logging in? Contact Ethan Rucker.

Interstride: A mobile-friendly career resource for candidates seeking international employment and H1B sponsored positions at companies

Last year, we launched the Interstride career portal so you could jumpstart your international job search. The H1B Visa search function allows you to see the history of an organization’s sponsorship as well as titles and salaries of the organization’s sponsored hires.

It also provides a variety of other career tools that can be utilized by all students. The web and mobile-based applications provide students a one-stop-shop for all career-related resources from strengthening your professional profile, navigating the visa process, searching for jobs, or building professional networks. 

Questions or trouble logging in? Contact Courtney Thompson.

Devex: A hub for international development and policy careers

Devex is a media platform for the global development community. This social enterprise is working to make the $200 billion aid and development industry do more good for more people. Devex is the largest provider of recruiting and business development services for global development.

Questions or trouble logging in? Contact Alli Foley.

VAULT: A comprehensive career readiness resource (Guides to careers, consulting case prep, and more)

Learn more about CDO and our Career Readiness and Employer Partnerships teams here.

Also check out the Harris Career Outcomes for 2020 to learn about the diverse career paths of Harris students.

If anything in this blog prompts additional questions, please email the Career Development Office.

*In CDO, we consider students Job Candidates (you may also hear us present you to employers as Talent). As emerging leaders, we encourage you to think the same way—because the data show you have the skills to help communities and organizations achieve their missions.