Our application is now live! Applicants frequently request more information on the application rounds and the benefits of one deadline over the other. If you are interested in our full-time degree programs, we recommend applying by the Early Action deadline. If you aren't able to apply in early action that's ok! We just encourage you to apply as soon as possible. Read on to find out the benefits of applying early! 

More time for planning

The earlier you are accepted the more time you have to plan relocating to the Chicago area, review housing options, attend events, and connect with students, alumni, staff, and faculty. Accepted students also will have additional time to identify, and be considered for, other opportunities such as fellowships, research assistantships, and more. Additionally, students who are waitlisted in one of our earlier rounds will have time to submit additional or updated documents to be reconsidered in future rounds.


If you are unable to apply in Early Action—for example, you may not have test scores by then, or your recommenders may not be able to submit by the deadline—we encourage you to apply in the next available round. Please note we do accept unofficial scores and transcripts on your application. Once admitted, you will need to send official scores and transcripts.