friends gather in front of mexican monument
Spring break 2024

In this blog, Evy Lanai, MPP Class of 2025, shares how she and a few fellow classmates enjoyed their Spring Break.

For spring break, I traveled to Mexico with a group of about twenty Harris students, many of whom stayed with our friend Mario Venegas Wignall, a fellow first-year MPP student from Mexico City who thoughtfully planned much of the trip.

During our time there, we visited the National Museum of Anthropology, walked through the historic center and zócalo, explored the city’s neighborhoods and markets, made a trip out to Xochimilco where we could float through the canals on a trajinera, and enjoyed a delicious dinner hosted by Mario’s generous parents(!) We had a great time exploring the city, learning more about its history and culture, basking in the warm weather, and trying all the food possible!

From Mexico City, I went with a smaller group to the city of Puebla, located about two hours away. Our friend Diego Mendoza, a second-year MSCAPP student who grew up in the area, took us on a guided tour of the city center, telling us the history of the region and its landmarks throughout. He also brought us to his hometown of Cholula, a short drive from Puebla’s center. There, we climbed the Great Pyramid of Cholula (also known as Tlachihualtepetl) and were able to enjoy sunset views of the Popocatépetl volcano in the distance.

Having locals share the history of a place is a privilege—and when those locals are friends, the experience is even more enjoyable. I’m thankful for the connections I have made here at Harris, and I’m excited to meet even more new faces with next year’s incoming class!