Greetings from Harris! 

Our entire Admissions Team is buzzing about the excitement of meeting so many Admitted Students on Friday. We hope you had a chance to visit Harris on Friday, and even stop by the much talked about Seminary Co-op Bookstore. :)

As promised in the past, and discussed on Friday, our Application for Review of Scholarship Award is now open. You may access the form here. Some helpful tips when completing this form:

  • Please provide new information when completing this form - information that was not included in your original Harris application
  • New information can include a variety of items such as updated transcripts, new test scores, or information on other programs you are considering 
  • Please allow our team two weeks to respond to requests - if you need to hear back sooner there is an area on the form where you can indicate the date when you need a final decision from Harris 
  • We encourage you to only submit this request once, and recommend you have all relevant information before submitting the form

Thank you! Please contact [email protected] if you have any questions.