I had the opportunity to see the smash hit musical Hamilton in Chicago.  For those of you outside the US, Hamilton is phenomenon that has captured hearts and playlists of people of all ages. Created by Lin Manuel Miranda, Hamilton chronicles the life  of Alexander Hamilton one of the more influential and colorful founding fathers of the US. There are geniuses...outliers...and then Lin-Manuel Miranda. You could lock six billion people in a room for a year and not one could come up with something as original as Hamilton. Beyond incredible music he takes a story that everyone knows and tells it a new way meshing history with contemporary issues of the day.

One of the things I enjoy about living in Chicago are the vibrant arts and cultural opportunities that are available. As a student, I encourage you to take advantage of a wide range of cultural and entertainment options from rooting for the World Series Champion Chicago Cubs, to strolling through the Art Institute or diving into a mosh pit at Lollapalooza. There is something for everyone and also opportunities to explore something new or outside your comfort zone.  

For me, watching and experiencing Hamilton with my very very excited son Gavin (Harris Class of 2030)  is an experience I will never forget and if you get the chance to see Hamilton don’t miss it!!

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