Whether you're a prospective student visiting campus, a current student living in Hyde Park over the summer, or a staff member who wants to extend their lunch break, the University of Chicago has a wonderful assortment of museums and collections for all interests. Check out a few of them today! 

The Robie House

Designed by legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright in 1908, this historic landmark is widely considered to be "one of the most important buildings in American architecture". It reflects Wright's famous prairie-style vision. The iconic home is located right on campus by the Booth School. Tickets available online

The Oriental Institute Museum 

Simultaneously a museum and branch of research division at UChicago, the Oriental Institute devotes itself to the study of the history and culture of ancient Middle East. It is a constant hub of lectures, programs, and exhibits. Fun fact: many of the artifacts were not purchased (like most collections), but found via archaeological digs that were sponsored by the Institute itself! 

The Smart Museum of Art

This innovative museum houses an impressive and ever-changing collection, from modern pieces to ancient Chinese artworks. The best part? It's free and open to the public! Be sure to take a stroll through the sculpture garden and have a cup of coffee on the outdoor patio cafe.