Harris Student Government (HSG) elections provided an opportunity for returning students to choose their leadership for the 2021-22 school year. Rana Khalil and Kartik Saboo are excited to direct HSG’s efforts as co-presidents as students return to Harris in the fall. Read on to learn more about Rana and Kartik and their plans for the next year!

Rana Khalil, Co-President

Rana Khalili Headshot
Rana Khalil

Rana Khalil is a first-year MPP student interested in building long-term sustainable public-private partnerships. She was born and raised in Arizona but moved to Ohio in high school where she later went on to graduate from the Ohio State University with a B.S. in Public Health. After graduating, she completed Teach For America where she taught seventh grade in Memphis, Tennessee. She then went on to complete a fellowship at the Jersey City Housing Authority. Rana’s hobbies include reading any and all books, experimenting with new recipes, restoring antique furniture, and binge-watching the newest season of Good Girls.

As Co-President, she hopes to serve as the bridge between students and staff at Harris. She is specifically looking forward to facilitating the transition to in-person learning and cannot wait to make next year the best possible year for all students at Harris!

Kartik Saboo, Co-President

Kartik Saboo Headshot
Kartik Saboo

Beyond being an MPP candidate at Harris, Kartik is a student of all things policy and polity. He believes that he is a slave to his curiosity, to nature, and to Cricket! Born and brought up in Nagpur, India, Kartik has a degree in Computer Sciences from Shri Ramdeobaba College of Engineering and Management, and a Law degree from Nagpur University. Over the last three years, he worked for the legislative and the executive branches of the Indian State Governments of Maharashtra and New Delhi. He fell in love with tennis during the Winter Quarter, and can be often spotted on the tennis courts in Washington Park, if not hanging out by Lake Michigan. Kartik is looking forward to ensuring the needs of his classmates are met during the digital-to-physcial transition, as well as serving as a voice for the student body.