Harris’ main building, The Keller Center, is located at 1307 East 60th Street. This area is easily accessible through the 171 and 172 bus routes pictured below in green and purple.

CTA bus routes near UChicago
CTA bus routes around University of Chicago

Students can use these routes to not only access the Keller Center but also other important locations around the University of Chicago campus, such as the Regenstein library to study, the University of Chicago Bookstore to get swag, or one of the many local restaurants and attractions.

Purchasing tickets

Students, faculty, and staff of the university ride FREE on the 171 and 172 routes upon displaying a University-issued ID. All other travelers pay the standard CTA fare of $2.25 per ride.

If you are traveling with people who do not have a University-issued ID, they will have to pay by cash or use a ticket or their Ventra card. Single-ride tickets and Ventra cards may be purchased at Ventra machines located at CTA train stations.

Types of tickets:

  • Single ride - allows a single person one ride plus two transfers on CTA buses and trains within 2 hours from first use
  • 1 day ticket - allows one person unlimited rides on CTA buses and trains for 24 hours from first use
  • Ventra card - pay-as-you-go system where you load transit value onto your card at stations and on the Ventra app and use it for continuous rides

It is highly recommended you download the Ventra app on your smartphone. It allows you to add transit value for your CTA Ventra card, track the location of buses, and view transit timetables, making your travels more efficient.

How to board/disembark a bus

Wait at the bus stop. Upon seeing potential passengers, the bus driver will stop for you to board. Wait for passengers to exit the vehicle before entering. The CTA has a contactless method to pay for transit. Tap the Ventra card on the scanner at the front of the bus: the scanner will turn green, signalling that the payment has gone through. If you are riding the 171 or 172 and have your University-issued ID, you do not need to use your Ventra card. Instead, show your  University-issued ID to the driver and they will let you continue and find a seat. Labelled seats at the front are for disabled and the elderly (if the bus is full and you see someone who fits the criteria board, please give up your seat).

Upcoming stops are displayed on a screen toward the front of the vehicle and are also called out over the PA. Once your stop is displayed/called out, pull the cord that runs around the perimeter of the bus (you can see it trailing above the windows) and it will signal to the driver that a passenger requests to get off. Once the bus slows down, work your way to the front and exit. Don’t forget to thank the bus driver!

If you are positioned towards the back of the bus, you can also exit via the side doors. Just press on the doors when the bus has stopped and they will automatically swing open.

*Schedules are subject to change based on season—refer to Ventra app or transitchicago.com/schedules for the most up-to-date schedules.