Thanks to our Director of Recruitment, Jenny Erickson, for this post! 

So, you are interested in two programs – and the application asks you to confirm if you want to be considered for more than one program – perfect, right? We think so, but we know from chatting with students that some think this is an “admissions trick”.

Students have shared with us their thought process when seeing the question about being considered for more than one program goes something like this:

"Oh, perfect! I’m really interested in the MA program but not sure if I’m a fit for that program, and I’d be excited to do the MPP program too! Great – I can be considered for the program the Committee thinks is the best fit! But…wait…what if this is a TRICK? And the Admissions Committee will think if I show an interest in more than one program that I’m not actually REALLY interested in my first choice. Will this lower my chances of getting into either program?”

That’s not how we work here at Harris. If a student indicates they are interested in more than one program – great! That simply means they will be considered for multiple programs and the Committee will determine if another program may be a better fit. Showing an interest in more than one program really does not have disadvantage. In fact, sometimes if students don’t indicate this, but we do think they are a really strong candidate for a specific program, we may reach out to the student directly. It’s very common for students who apply to the PhD program to be considered for the MACRM program, and for students who apply to the MSCAPP to be considered for MPP, and so on.

If you have gone to the lengths to submit a detailed, unique, and competitive application, our team will go the distance to review all you have submitted and find the best fit program.

No trick questions.