June Yom
June Yom, MPP Class of 2022

Just in time for the final application deadline on June 15, June Yom, MPP Class of 2022,  recalls her own application experience and shares her advice for applying to Harris. 

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While the application process may seem daunting at first, I encourage you to approach it as an exciting opportunity to showcase who you are and what you will bring to Harris.

The Admissions Office conducts application reviews holistically, meaning that every element of your application will be thoroughly considered—not just your GPA or GRE scores. As a result, this review process embraces the rich diversity that makes up the Harris community. From a student’s policy interests and country of origin to academic background and work experience, each student is unique. Accordingly, it is important to be your most authentic self when working on the application.

So, while your official transcripts, resume, and GRE scores* are critical parts of the application that highlight your background and strengths, your essays and recommendation letters are invaluable in synthesizing an authentic narrative of who you are as a person and who you can be as a future policymaker. 

The motivation statement and short essays are the perfect platforms to share your passion for public policy and interest in Harris. I would recommend writing your motivation statement early so that you can reflect and revise appropriately. Also, be specific! Talk in detail about why you chose to apply to Harris. The motivation statement is also a great resource to provide to those who are writing your letters of recommendation so they can gain deeper insights into, and speak more effectively to, your passion for public policy.

For your letters of recommendation, choose your recommenders thoughtfully. Avoid simply choosing a recommender based on a prestigious status or title, but rather on their ability to speak to your talents. I would advise giving your recommenders lots of time in advance to write your letter—and be sure to follow up with them, regularly. Of course, be sure to thank them and keep them updated on the application process.

One final (but very important) piece of advice I have for applicants: engage with the school before you apply. Harris Admissions hosts a variety of events—from program information sessions to current student panels—that give insight into the application process or what it’s like to be a Harris student. 

In conclusion, your application should tell a story about your passion for public policy and be specific about your interest in being at Harris. Take advantage of all the opportunities available to connect with Harris frequently so you can ensure that you’ll be successful during the application process. Good luck!

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*The GRE is optional for students applying by June 15 to start in Fall 2022. The Evening Master’s Program does not require a GRE score. The decision on the GRE requirement for full-time programs beginning in fall of 2023 will be announced in the summer of 2022.