Are you interested in applying for our Data and Policy Summer Scholar Program? Read this note from Lana Kugli Ou, who completed the DPSS program in 2018 and will join the MSCAPP program in fall of 2021!

2018 DPSS students at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago

During the last year of my undergraduate studies, I knew I wanted to further my education to follow my passion. With my research at the intersection of economics, politics, and gender, several options lay before me. The Data and Policy Summer Scholar Program at the University of Chicago not only helped me decide on the best option – it also gave me a memorable summer.
I entered the program with so many graduate-school ideas. I chose the University of Chicago because I wanted to learn programming, and to understand my graduate school interests. Week by week, the program shaped my interests and goals. I came out of the program with a clear picture of what I want to do next. 
The summer program is more than stats classes. It’s also an awesome opportunity to connect with peers from across the globe. My favorite event was the Lake Michigan boat cruise that the program treated us to. It was so much fun! And it was rewarding because we students had spent many hours studying together throughout the week, so we were able to relax and enjoy the cruise. We had the whole dance floor to ourselves – and we made good use of it! The cohort had been together for three weeks at this point, so we already knew one another, which made it such a great experience.
This program is the perfect summer or gap program for undergraduates or recent grads. I highly recommend you to apply for the UChicago Data and Policy Summer Scholar Program. Check out the upcoming webinars to know more!

Lana Kugli is a 2018 DPSS Alum and a recent graduate of New York University Shanghai.