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Fall 2023
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This is a PhD-level course in the economics of healthcare open to PhD students in Economics, Booth, Harris, and MACRM and other students with instructor's consent. The goal is to prepare students to conduct independent research in the field, and to use tools from a variety of fields to study healthcare markets. Topics will include health insurance, the production and supply of healthcare, the economic geography of healthcare, regulations, and labor market connections. We will emphasize bridges to fields including public finance, labor economics, and industrial organization. We will cover econometric techniques, datasets, and institutional knowledge required to develop research ideas in the field, and help students develop such ideas. The course will cover the latest research and benefit from workshops in the field.

Course Prerequisite

In order to register for this course you must be a PPHA Phd student, PPHA-MAR student, PECO PhD student, Economics Phd student, or a Booth PhD student.

Quarter Title Instructor Day(s) Time(s) Syllabus
Fall 2023 Economics of Healthcare Joshua Gottlieb Wednesday 9:00am-11:50am Syllabus