Highlighted courses are cross-listed by Harris but offered by another department.
Quarter Course # Title Instructor Day/Time Policy Area
Winter 2022 PPHA 30545 Machine Learning Guillaume A Pouliot
Methods of Policy Analysis, Data Science
Winter 2022 PPHA 31102 Statistics for Data Analysis II: Regressions Yukiko Asai, Emine Deniz, Dmitri Koustas
Winter 2022 PPHA 31302 Advanced Statistics for Data Analysis II Bruce D. Meyer
Winter 2022 PPHA 31610 Analytical Politics II: Political Institutions Luis Martinez, Zhaosong Ruan
Winter 2022 PPHA 31730 The Strategic Use of Survey Research in Political Campaigns Dan Judy
Politics and Elections
Winter 2022 PPHA 32400 Principles of Microeconomics and Public Policy II Sheng-Hao Lo
Winter 2022 PPHA 32410 Advanced Microeconomics for Public Policy II Yana Gallen
Winter 2022 PPHA 32530 Fundamentals of Municipal Bonds Justin Marlowe
Public Management, Economic Policy
Winter 2022 PPHA 33510 Nuclear Policy Kennette Benedict
Energy and Environmental Policy, Environmental Policy
Winter 2022 PPHA 33611 Foundations of Social Entrepreneurship Will Gossin
Leadership and Management, Public Management
Winter 2022 PPHA 33740 Business and Society William Towns
Leadership and Management, Public Management
Winter 2022 PPHA 33910 Digital Media in Policy and Politics: Practices, Problems and Policy Issues Kari Chisholm
Politics and Elections, Technology Policy and Cyber Security
Winter 2022 PPHA 34410 Corporate Finance David H Schabes
Economic Policy, Financial Economics and Policy
Winter 2022 PPHA 34500 Macroeconomics for Public Policy Daniel Sullivan
Economic Policy
Winter 2022 PPHA 35240 Education in Developing Contexts Anjali Adukia
Education Policy
Winter 2022 PPHA 35585 The Chinese Economy
International Policy and Development
Winter 2022 PPHA 36150 Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) and Impact Investing
Economic Policy
Winter 2022 PPHA 36630 Trauma-Informed Policy Communication: Writing Effectively about War, Catastrophe & Crisis David Michael Chrisinger
Communications and Advocacy
Winter 2022 PPHA 36800 Higher Education and Public Policy Jennifer Delaney
Education Policy
Winter 2022 PPHA 36930 Environmental Economics: Theory and Applications
Energy and Environmental Policy