David Chrisinger

Executive and Writing Director, Writing Program


David Chrisinger is an Executive Director who leads the Harris Writing Workshop and the Persuasive Writing Credential Program. David also teaches a variety of policy writing courses, advises the Chicago Policy Review, and helps faculty members develop and evaluate writing-focused assignments.

Prior to joining Harris, David served as a Senior Communications Specialist at the U.S. Government Accountability Office, where he taught policy writing, consulted with researchers on the design and execution of governmental audits and evaluations, facilitated message development exercises, and wrote and edited reports and testimonies for the U.S. Congress. David also taught public policy writing at Johns Hopkins University and is the author of PUBLIC POLICY WRITING THAT MATTERS, a handbook for anyone passionate about using writing to effect real and lasting policy changes and STORIES ARE WHAT SAVE US, which aims to help writers uncover and communicate what they’ve learned while fighting life’s toughest battles.

David graduated from the University of Chicago’s MA Program in the Social Sciences, and he finished his undergraduate degree at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, where he studied history, social science theory, and studio art.