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The Project on Political Reform’s (PPR) Student Advisory Board supports the mission of the PPR by planning educational opportunities with relevant guest speakers, organizing mini-courses, and hosting networking events. The Project on Political Reform aims to investigate government dysfunction and identify pragmatic solutions in areas such as legislative decision-making, lobbying, political accountability, campaign laws and practices, structural incentives influencing candidate and office-holder behavior, and the relationships between governing institutions. SAB Members have the unique opportunity to plan events that interest them and their classmates as well as have special access to visiting speakers.


The PPR Student Advisory Board provides programmatic input and management. Programs for this academic year include:

  • Bipartisan dinner discussions to facilitate conversations across party lines.  Recent topics have included immigration policy, gun rights, and the role of government.  

  • Breakfast with Illinois Congressman and Harris alum Mike Quigley.

  • A panel discussion with Democratic and Republican political social media professionals.

  • A major conference on political polarization involving top Democratic and Republican political practitioners from across the country and scholars who study governance and democratic institutions.

  • Mini-conferences on the racial aspects of political polarization and on the rural / urban divide.

  • Lunch'n Learns with various guests including Alabama congressional candidate Tabitha Isner (MPP '09) and Laura Haim who served as communications director for French President Emmanuel Macron.

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PPR Faculty Organizers

Marc Farinella, Executive Director
Will Howell, Academic Director
Cynthia Cook-Conley, Coordinator

Student Contacts

Kaleb Nyquist  |  Liza Jones

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