About Us

The Chicago Policy Review is a student-run publication of the Harris School of Public Policy at the University of Chicago. The Chicago Policy Review is dedicated to bridging the gap between academic research and policy practice by providing policy practitioners with actionable insights from academia and facilitating the exchange of ideas between practitioners and academics. Our goal is to promote the most promising ideas and innovations in policy practice across the country and around the globe.


The Problem: The Academic Divide
Good public policy relies on good academic research. Unfortunately, the persistent gap between academics and policy practitioners slows the rate at which good ideas from academia translate into better policies on Capitol Hill. This gap, born largely out of differences in cant and pace between academic discourse and policy discussion, can best be bridged by those trained to speak both languages: students of public policy.

Bridging the Gap
The mission of the Chicago Policy Review is simple: to bridge the gap between what academics produce and what policy practitioners need. The Review does this by producing two core editorial products: academic article reviews and thought leader interviews.

Actionable Insights from Academia
First and foremost, CPR staff work to discover new, policy relevant research published in the leading academic journals and make the key conclusions of the academic articles clear and accessible to a broader policy audience.

New Ideas from Thought Leaders
CPR also features interviews and solicits articles from thought leaders and prominent practitioners, sharing actionable insights innovate approaches with the broader policy community.

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Stephen Stapleton, Primary Student Contact

Anita Joshi, Secondary Student Contact