About Us

Global Affairs and Public Policy (GAPP) is a student-led organization dedicated to making Harris an exceptional place to study international policy. GAPP plans events, consolidates resources, and brings together individuals and organizations in order to help students:

  • explore international careers
  • network with global organizations
  • learn about international policy in a professional and academic environment

GAPP is composed of motivated, enthusiastic students who are interested in international affairs. Our members have diverse backgrounds and varying levels of experience in international relations, risk management, international development, military affairs, and consulting. GAPP members are committed to learning more about world issues and broadening their understanding of global affairs. Members recognize the importance of rigorous policy analysis in addressing concerns that are international in scope.

GAPP benefits from the Harris School's distinguished faculty who are experts in the fields of security policy and international political economy. We are also intimately connected with the University's Political Science Department, one of the nation's most distinguished programs, and the Graduate School of Business.



GAPP hosts various events designed to help students learn more about the intricacies of international policy. Events range in size from intimate Brown Bag lunch discussions to large-scale lectures. Events have been attended by students, faculty, and staff from multiple disciplines including business, politics, economics, environment, law, social services, and humanities.


GAPP provides a forum for current and previous members to network with each other, as well as a focal point for select international organizations to recruit Harris students. GAPP hosts one major networking event per year focused exclusively on international careers.


GAPP compiles information so students can learn more about international organizations, potential careers in international policy, and relevant events around the Chicago area. GAPP has established relationships with internationally focused organizations outside of the University of Chicago, including the Chicago Council on Foreign Relations (CCFR), and the Illinois Society for International Development (ISID). The GAPP website gives students a central point of reference for useful Internet resources related to International Affairs.