About Us

Established in 2018, Black Action in Public Policy Studies (BAPPS) dedicates itself to centering the experiences and needs of Black people through a black feminist lens, sparking critical discourse, and engaging in acts of community service. Fundamentally, we believe in the intentionality of this work and the power of our voices in challenging current power structures and creating new ones for the advancement and well-being of Blacks, globally. Our purpose is to create and participate in intelligent discourse and implement high-impact programming events that cater to and affect the mental, physical and social welfare of Black people and Black students, with particular intersectional focus on gender.  Service and community engagement is paramount to not solely abstracting ideas and ideologies from the classroom,  but also understanding race theory in practice and providing the conduit for which Harris and UChicago can return resources to the community. 


BAPPS’ goal is to create a space addressing the issues that affect the Black community, and with specific attention to include all voices.  With the intent to cultivate a community reflective of these goals, BAPPS aspires to achieve a cohesive membership comprised of different upbringings and experiences. BAPPS will focus on individual and collaborative event programming to ensure the visibility of our organization, while simultaneously highlighting the role of our mission statement through action, organization, and recruitment. BAPPS will hold monthly “meeting of the minds” community gatherings, intended for feedback and input on programming ideas.

Contact Information

Andrea Koch, Primary Contact

Kiara Jackson, Secondary Contact