Harris Student Government (HSG), 2017-18


Sarah Boyle, [email protected]


Madeleine Toups, [email protected]

Student Body Liaison

Tiffany Kwak, [email protected]

Finance Chair

Zack He, [email protected]

Secretary General

Kyle Svingen, [email protected]

Harris Student Organization Liaison

Drazzel Feliu, [email protected]

Graduate Council Liaison 

Patrick Hanley, [email protected]

Academic Committee

Ankit Agarwal - MACRM Representative

Varsha Sivaram - First Year MPP Representative

Elana Goldstein - Second Year MPP Representative

Mario Moreno - First Year MSCAPP Representative

Shambhavi Mohan - Second Year MSCAPP Representative

Alice Chen - First Year MSESP Representative

Sarah Palmisano - Second Year MSESP Representative

Social Committee

Tyler Barron 

Peter Biava

Ashton Lee

Cassie Wilcox

Finance Committee

Himanshu Dave

Zhentian (Alan) Shen

Allison Von Borstel

About Us

HSG is the leading student organization at the Irving B. Harris School of Public Policy. The organization acts as a liaison between the faculty and administration for the Harris student community. We strive to represent the entire student body at Harris through interaction with faculty, administration, and the greater community. In our actions we attempt to address issues of concern or interest in an effort to act as one voice to foster continued academic and social life at Harris.

Contact Info

General questions: [email protected]

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HSG Bylaws

Finance Committee 

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