2022 Diversity & Inclusion Report

The 2022 Diversity & Inclusion report highlights how far we have come - and, at the same time, recognizes that there is still much work to do. As the second year of our plan is well underway, we want to reinforce our commitment to dialogue across our community as we work together to build a more inclusive and diverse Harris.

2022 D&I Report: Harris School of Public Policy

DIAB Report & Climate Survey

At the direction of Dean Katherine Baicker, the Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Board (DIAB) – an advisory body to the dean - conducted a 2018 Harris Climate Survey of students and held subsequent feedback sessions with Harris students, faculty, staff, and alumni to guide its work and identify opportunities for the school to augment its diversity and inclusion efforts. Published in the fall of 2019, this document discusses the DIAB’s findings and recommendations to the Harris dean and senior administrative leadership team. These findings provided critical inputs for school leadership in developing Harris' D&I Roadmap

Read the DIAB Recommendations (PDF, 16 pages, 650 KB).