Making connections when you’re entering a new space can be intimidating but the Polis Program is designed to foster a sense of belonging for incoming students within the Harris community.

What is a Polis?

Your Polis is a cohort of your peers that helps you build community and connections in smaller, more intimate groups. These groups provide a safe and unique space where students can learn from one another and grow together in more comfortable and supportive environments.

The name Polis is derived from the ancient Greek concept which refers to a unique city center and body of citizens which comprised it. We intentionally design each Polis to be comprised across individual demographics and degree programs to introduce students to peers they would have otherwise not engaged with. 

Every Polis also carries the name of a Chicago neighborhood to help students gain an understanding of the city of Chicago, and it’s many neighborhoods.

How do I join a Polis?

Every incoming Harris student is assigned to a Polis led by its own Orientation Leader who facilitates programs and discussion throughout the orientation experience. Incoming students will participate in programming alongside their Polis throughout the orientation experience.

Discover your Polis