Diverse School: Increase diversity of our faculty, other academic appointees, student body, and staff

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Goals and Action Steps

Goal: Increase diversity of faculty, instructors, and staff

  • Revisit the diversity strategy adopted in 2018-2019 academic year, including strategies to create a pipeline of pre- and post-doc fellows, taking advantage of University and outside expertise
  • Explore external partnerships such as with other public policy schools to develop faculty and researcher pipeline
  • Increase diversity along multiple dimensions among tenure-track faculty, lecturers, and instructors as well as visiting professors and post-docs
  • Research and evaluate internal UChicago resources available to provide assistance with our D&I efforts
  • Recruit and retain diverse staff

Goal: Build a more diverse student body with a focus on domestic underrepresented minorities while continuing to include diversity across international populations

  • Increase scholarship funding available to reduce financial barriers to a Harris education
  • Diversify our pool of applicants and our enrolled students
  • Pursue partnerships to broaden our pool of underrepresented minority students (e.g. partnerships with HBCU's, Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSI) and Public Policy and International Affairs Programs (PPIA)

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What We’ve Done

  • Hosted annual Diversity Day for prospected students 
  • Conducted outreach to HBCU & Hispanic-serving institutions
  • Held D&I training for student recruitment team
  • Conducted outreach and matching scholarships to Truman, Payne, AmeriCorps, and Teach for America
  • Partnered with PPIA for annual conference/workshop
  • Participated in UChicago initiatives, including Discover UChicago and quarterly lectures for Odyssey Scholars
  • Launched the Country Ambassador program with the inaugural cohort of 10 international students from 6 countries to support the recruitment activities for international students
  • Participated in the university-wide International Student Committee and Global Partner Network Working Group communities

What’s Next

  • Focusing Faculty D&I Lead and D&I Office efforts on increasing diversity among our lecturers
  • Focusing Faculty D&I Lead, D&I Office, and ASA efforts on increasing course offerings that focus on a wider range of policy issues

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Student Demographics

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