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Whether you’re interested in the Common Read program, Diversity Week, the many events organized by Harris Student Organizations, or simply want to be an ally, there are a great number of opportunities to get involved in diversity and inclusion efforts at Harris. We invite you to stay connected with recent news, upcoming events, and our annual programs.

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Upcoming Harris Events

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Black History Month

Thank you for celebrating Black History Month at Harris! Revisit stories and highlights on our News & Events page. 

February 2021

The University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy is proud to host several events in honor of Black History Month. The series convenes prominent speakers, activists, practitioners, community members, and University of Chicago alumni, faculty, students, and staff.

Perspectives: Racial and Social Justice in Education

Thursday, March 11, 2021 | 6-7 p.m. CST

A Conversation with Assistant Professor Anjali Adukia

How do the most basic needs affect young children’s ability to develop? Assistant Professor Anjali Adukia’s research focuses on efforts to reduce inequalities in education, so that children from historically disadvantaged backgrounds have equal opportunities to fully develop their potential.

Adukia's research is focused on understanding factors that motivate and shape behavior, preferences, attitudes, and educational decision-making, with a particular focus on early-life influences – including research into the availability of latrines in schools in India, the effect of poor transportation infrastructure on education, and the effects of gendered or racialized messages in children’s textbooks. Her research emphasizes how the provision of basic needs—such as safety, health, justice, and representation—can increase school participation and improve child outcomes in developing contexts.

Public Statements

In the wake of the brutal killing of George Floyd and countless other men and women who have endured hate and violence because of the color of their skin, our community is experiencing a range of emotions that we are all struggling to process. In the emotional aftermath of yet another senseless killing of an African-American at the hands of the police, Harris issued the following statement on racial injustice.

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