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Founded in Fall 2015, Students for Criminal Justice Reform (SCJR) is a Harris student organization that seeks to organize events, advocate for specific policy wins, and connect experts, affected populations, and policy makers in order to facilitate a constructive and evidence based conversation about criminal justice reform at a local and national level. SCJR is a Graduate School Affiliate of Student Alliance for Prison Reform, a network of university student organizations seeking and supporting reforming the US criminal justice system.


  • Organized visits to Springfield to talk with state legislators about and the Central Bond Court for the Circuit Court of Cook County
  • Partnered with LAM for Policy in Practice Speaker: Monte Alejandro Rubido Garcia, former National Commissioner for Security, Mexico
  • Lunch-and-learns with various speakers, including Cook County Public Defender Amy Campanelli, University of Chicago Chief of Police Fountain Walker, and Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart

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Sophia Manuel, Primary Student Contact

Claire Hagerty, Secondary Student Contact