August 2023 Pre-Enrollment Checklist Items

See details below for:

  • Register for Math & Coding Camp
  • Attending Academic English Pre-Matriculation Program
  • Meet Your Academic Advisor
  • Attending Jumpstart Program
  • Completing Online Orientation Modules
  • Attending Math & Coding Camp
  • Attending The Mathematical Methods for PhD/MACRM Program

August 1, 2023:

All Master's Students (Except MACRM)

Registration for this three-week review course designed to ensure that incoming master's students are prepared for the mandatory math exam held during Welcome Week.

(PhD/MACRM students are required to participate in the Mathematical Methods Program.)


August 3, 2023: Start of the Academic English Pre-Matriculation Program

Select International Students Only

International students who are required to attend the Academic English Pre-Matriculation program will be contacted directly by Harris administration and automatically registered.

As a Harris student, you will be assigned an academic advisor who is committed to helping you make the most out of your time as a graduate student. Your advisor will help you select classes and track your progress toward your degree.

All Master's Students (Except MACRM)

DiagKNOWstics, an online math tutoring module aligned with our Math Exam, will be provided to incoming students in August. The modules are designed to help students prepare for the Math Exam and will be utilized as pre-work and homework during Math and Coding Camp.

August 14, 2023

Select Master's Students Only

The Jumpstart Program is a pre-orientation program designed for select incoming master's students. Eligible students will be contacted directly by Harris administration.

All Master's Students (Except MACRM)

This three-week review course is designed to ensure that incoming master's students are prepared for the mandatory math exams held during Welcome Week.

PhD and MACRM Students

All incoming Harris PhD and MACRM students are required to participate in the Mathematical Methods Program.

All Students

The online orientation modules are designed to introduce you to all the information, resources, and systems you need to know to find success as a graduate student. Complete them at your own pace, on your own schedule.

to sign up for Core Course Advanced Placement and Waiver Exams

All Master's Students (Except MACRM)

We will hold Core Course Advanced Placement and Waiver Exams in September, before the start of Autumn Quarter. Master's students interested in taking the advanced versions of core courses or waiving advanced courses based on prior coursework should sign up to take these exams. We will provide more information on these exams and also information about PhD courses on May 15th.