August 2021 Pre-Enrollment Checklist Items

See details below for:

  • Submit Proof of COVID-19 Vaccination
  • Register for Math & Coding Camp
  • Attending Academic English Pre-Matriculation Program
  • Attending Jumpstart Program
  • Completing Online Orientation Modules
  • Attending Math & Coding Camp
  • Attending The Mathematical Methods for PhD/MACRM Program

August 1, 2021: Deadline to submit proof of COVID-19 vaccination for students participating in any in-person components of Jumpstart, Math & Coding Camp, Mathematical Methods

Submit proof of COVID vaccination here and view instructions here. More information about the university’s COVID 19 vaccination requirements can be found on the UChicago Forward COVID19 Vaccination FAQ page.

August 1, 2021:

All Master's Students (Except MACRM)

Registration for this three-week review course designed to ensure that incoming master's students are prepared for the mandatory math exam held during Welcome Week.

(PhD/MACRM students are required to participate in the Mathematical Methods Program.)

August 5, 2021: Start of the Academic English Pre-Matriculation Program

Select International Students Only

International students who are required to attend the Academic English Pre-Matriculation program will be contacted directly by Harris administration and automatically registered.

August 16, 2021

Select Master's Students Only

The Jumpstart Program is a pre-orientation program designed for select incoming master's students. Eligible students will be contacted directly by Harris administration.

All Master's Students (Except MACRM)

This three-week review course is designed to ensure that incoming master's students are prepared for the mandatory math exams held during Welcome Week.

PhD and MACRM Students

All incoming Harris PhD and MACRM students are required to participate in the Mathematical Methods Program.

All Students

The online orientation modules are designed to introduce you to all the information, resources, and systems you need to know to find success as a graduate student. Complete them at your own pace, on your own schedule.