For several years, Associate Professor Ito had searched for data that could be used to study the health and economic implications of international spillovers of air pollution. Along with student Will Seonmin Heo, however, the two found a solution.
More than 30 years after the infamous “Central Park Five” arrests, Kevin Richardson—the speaker at the 2023 Harris School of Public Policy’s George E. Kent Lecture—has transformed his nightmarish experience into activism.
Whether addressing the effects of climate change, disability policies, or the efficacy of birth control education, the goal is to improve programs, refine strategies, and, above all, deepen understanding of the world around us.
Founded in 2017, New Community Outreach focuses on violence prevention and trauma informed care on Chicago's South Side through restorative justice practice, mentoring, and leadership skills training for young people.
The Stone Center aspires to create a comprehensive understanding of socio-economic mobility. Director Steven Durlauf’s research finds that parental income during children’s adolescence is key.
Presidential policy analyst, government fiscal expert, top teacher: Paula Worthington shares insights on fiscal issues, infrastructure, and legalized marijuana.