Chasse Rehwinkel, MPP’15, was not long out of Gettysburg College when he began his first government job. In an alderman’s office, he answered residents’ requests for sidewalks and streetlights. Just 10 years later, Rehwinkel is State Banking Director.
When Kathy Im, MPP’97, co-founded the Chicago Policy Review in 1996, she envisioned it as an important complement to the Harris School of Public Policy’s otherwise very quantitative-focused curriculum.
UChicago Crime Lab’s Violence Reduction Dashboard provides unprecedented data on violence in near-real-time to anyone with internet access.
Does Western development aid in sub-Saharan Africa truly help? The answer, it turns out, is not so clear.
Ilyasah Shabazz, daughter of activists Malcolm X and Betty Shabazz, will speak at University of Chicago on April 28 as part of this year’s George E. Kent Lecture.
Why does poverty, violence and crime exist? And what are the events and interventions that lead people in and out? These are the types of questions that fascinate University of Chicago scholar Christopher Blattman.