Foundational Infrastructure: Invest in the infrastructure to build, measure, and communicate a school-wide diversity and inclusion strategy

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Goals and Action Steps

Goal: Develop shared vision and goals for diversity and inclusion at Harris and a school-wide strategy to support it

  • Create a diversity and inclusion "roadmap" and communicate plan to the Harris community
  • Develop a statement around Harris’ commitment to diversity and inclusion across multiple dimensions to guide vision and inform operations across Harris
  • Establish a link to our diversity and inclusion statement on all Harris job announcements
  • Research/benchmark Harris proposed strategy against UChicago and our peers to help inform strategy
  • Evaluate potential mechanisms to incorporate equity into Harris’ commitment to diversity and inclusion

Goal: Make Harris more accountable for progress and ensure that progress is communicated to the broad Harris community 

  • Develop tools to institutionalize tracking and assessment of diversity and inclusion-related activities and initiatives. Items tracked will include elements such as faculty, staff, and student demographics, programming, climate, and civic engagement
  • Institutionalize new modes of communication (annual D&I town hall and report, bi-annual newsletters, contribution to annual Provost report, etc.), increase frequency of communication efforts, and expand D&I website
  • Make faculty hiring processes, governance, expectations, and criteria more transparent to the Harris community, including staff, and students
  • Reconvene Dean’s Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Board (DIAB), including establishing rotating membership, regular calendar, and charge
  • Institutionalize a student climate survey that will occur every two years
  • Develop staffing and long-term planning for Harris D&I office 

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What We’ve Done

  • Published D&I Roadmap
  • Benchmarked peer institutions
  • Conducted session on faculty recruitment process for all-staff
  • Launched new D&I website with updated vision statement
  • Developed D&I measurement framework

What’s Next

  • Appointing new faculty lead for DIAB and reconstitute membership
  • Tracking additional metrics related to roadmap measurement
  • Developing and executing communications plan for AY20-21, including bi-annual newsletter and annual report
  • Holding annual D&I Town Hall
  • Developing resource toolkits for staff
  • Adding diversity and inclusion language to job announcements

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